In search of the perfect 10!

10th February 2022

10 is the number this weekend as we go in search of a tenth win in a row, whilst wishing our regular 10, Steve Jones, a speedy recovery from surgery on a broken arm.

They say that to be the best you have to beat the best, and let’s be honest we got well and truly stuffed by Percy Park RFC last time out, but that was then and this is now…

On the back of NINE wins we have secured a current promotion spot with 8 games to go. The next 4 weeks sees us take on the big hitters in the league, with Aspatria quietly and impressively building momentum in case one or more of us should falter. Saturday sees the first of those games, and if we can maintain our current form over the next few weeks, then our destiny is in our own hands.

DOR Scotty is picking from strength this week and it’s reassuring to see so many 17s and 18s holding their hands up for selection. The likes of Sam Dunkin, James Underwood, Christian Okoronkwo, Josh Walker and Matty Hamer making a smooth transition into big boys rugby. A special mention should go to hooker Harry Ewart, who at 17 isn’t eligible to play in the front row yet, but has been outstanding at 6 in his senior games so far.

And so we come to a defining month for SRFC, the last time we got promoted a certain 23 year old Paul Lee, led us to the heady heights of national rugby!

We are 150 years old next season, wouldn’t it be good to celebrate this milestone playing at level 6 🔴⚪️


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